3 Tactics to Generate New Customers

The following is a breakdown of 3 Tactics that supports our First Focus – Generating New Customers.
1 – In-store Acquisitions
In-Store Acquisitions is the 1st of the 3 tactics. I’m sure you agree that if someone walks into your dealership, this is a beginning step within your sales cycle. With all the online tools and social media, busy people can easily get all the information they need when looking for a new vehicle. Walking into your store is a great indicator that there’s interest to go to the next step. Are you collecting their contact details? If yes how? Is your team approaching them while they inspect models, or when they request a test drive? Does your reception still provide physical brochures? If yes, are all these leads being manually entered into your system? What if I told you that over 30% of these data inputs have mistakes. Big Mistakes. Mistyped Phone Numbers or Email Addresses? I’ve seen phone missing digits or having too many. Have you tried providing simple Textin strategy for their contact info? Maybe provide a Coffee Gift Card, or Car Wash Discount if they simply text into your number with a unique keyword. First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile and Consent is a simple step away. Every Vehicle, Every Desk and Every Window etc… could be a new lead source with accurate contact details. Boom.
2 – Digital Acquisitions
I know it’s not a surprise to anyone, that Digital is the fasting growing marketing strategy to get new customers, but is everything using it effectively? Yes posting to all networks is important. There is no way around this anymore. Are you capturing contacting details from your posts? Yes, likes are great but you only get 2nd party data…
Try using a Textin Strategy that goes to a Landing Page you own and collect even more data. 
We’ve seen an increase in registrations for a local Gym. They added a Textin and Keyword to their Facebook posts and ads, and had traffic come directly to their site and was able to convert new customers even faster.
3 – Intelligent Conquests
The 3rd Tactic, which is a Golden Oldie, should not be written off. Remember that not all your customers are the same. Not everyone is the same age, gender, ethnicity etc… Some prefer getting phone calls, some emails, some SMS, and yes some still check & read their physical mail. Have you thought of turning your physical print marketing into a Digital Lead Gen tool? Add a Textin and see another increment in registrations to your own landing pages. Build a small textin strategy around your TV, Radio and Mailers. Get stats on the effectiveness on your non digital marketing strategies.