Do your Emails Suck? 3 things to improve email conversions. Part #1

If you’re not happy with your current email conversions maybe it’s time to do a basic review of what you’re sending to your email lists. This is not new or rocket science, but it’s the foundation of all the other content you want to share and hopefully convert on.

#1 What type of image or images are you using? Are they attractive, eye-popping? Are they controversial or shocking, that will make your audience stop from scrolling to the next email in their inbox? How is the quality of the image? Are they super sharp or fuzzy/grainy? If you’re posting the same boring images, week after week, don’t expect people to convert to the next steps (if you have one… wait for #3)

#2 Fonts… OMG, this is a pet peeve of mine. An email, website, or landing page that has more than 2 different fonts and even colours schemes. Formatting and Design are important. When people don’t notice the fonts and design, it’s better than when they notice the fonts chaos. Multiple fonts usually mean that you’ve copied and pasted from multiple sources, which tells the reader, you’ve copied and pasted….. Usually… no one consciously creates multiple fonts on purpose.

#3 Do you have a CTA (Call to Action)? What do you want people to do after they’ve read or skimmed your email? Are you only happy that they looked at your images? or is their a deeper intent? I mean if you’re responsible for your companies Marketing or Internet Leads, you need to have some sort of CTA. It can be a button to click and go to your website, landing page, basic form. It can be to call a number that gets directed to you or sales. Every email needs to have an intended CTA… I mean truly thought out.

So again, these are only 3 of the basic things to check if your emails aren’t converting as expected. Part #2 will be coming shortly as well for more items.

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