Do your Emails Suck? 3 things to improve email conversions. Part #2

If you’re not happy with your current email conversions maybe it’s time to do a basic review of what you’re sending to your email lists. This is not new or rocket science, but it’s the foundation of all the other content you want to share and hopefully convert on.

#1 Content
All so many times, I’m sure you as I have received a completely confusing email. I mean, we would have to reread a few times, just to try and understand the point. Is this an email trying to sell me something, or to invite me to something, is it to update me on something new, is it simply a branding or all of the above? I’m not sure how many people love long, never-ending emails, but everyone loves when the email get’s to the point. Are your emails like that? If it’s an invitation, do you have many other things going on as well?
#2 Language
We process communications across multiple channels across multiple countries. Yes, not everyone speaks English. This goes back to knowing your customers and market. If you want to communicate something to someone else, you need to at least make sure it’s in the proper language. If seen too many times, especially here in Montreal, that dealers sometimes only focus on one language but still send to everyone. Sometimes, if you don’t want to make the effort to go bilingual, don’t send emails to someone that won’t understand and perhaps get upset and unsubscribe.
#3 Customer Cycle
This is another biggie mistake. How many times have you received an email to buy a new vehicle from your dealer, 3 months after you just purchased? We’ve seen so many times, people getting pissed about this. 3 Months earlier, they were considered so important, unique and special, and now tossed in the email rotation as if they are unknown. Check purchase dates. Check Service dates. Always make your customers feel special, and know where they are in the sales cycle. Don’t forget, your competitors are working hard to get your customers in their sales cycle as well.
So in closing, stand in your customers’ shoes. Before you schedule your emails to go out, double-check all these points. There’s 1 thing worse than getting bad conversions, and that’s your customers unsubscribing. By law, you can not email them again. Take time and think about your campaigns and their purpose.
If ever you need help or some ideas, we’re always here to help.


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