Ready to go to the next level of Automotive Dealership Marketing? Mamoth-Auto is a Marketing Agency and MarketingOS (Online Software) that powers Dealerships, by leveraging Data, maintaining Trust, and growing Sales with one easy to use platform.
This channel is all about helping Dealership Owners, General & Internet Sales Managers continue to grow and scale their marketing tools and techniques so that you can enjoy more predictable sales growth. Subscribe to continue growing your Dealership Marketing today!
Since 2011, our custom SMS, Email and Voice solutions empower dealerships to reach their customers, attract new customers and increase sales by tracking customers’ actions from initial contact until purchase.
Real-time statistics can be generated based on a variety of acquired data and then be used to beef up marketing strategies and ultimately increase sales

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What customers are saying

“The Taarga team has been remarkably efficient in launching our SMS campaigns. They are fast, professional and very attentive to our needs. Worthwhile expertise!”

Josianne Picard
Hamel BMW
“Taarga is an industry leader in marketing to your database electronically. They have the experience and knowledge on how to run successful campaigns. Everytime they exceeded our expectations. I warn you the results can be addictive.”
Don Gray
GSM of Southgate VW