Opt-Ins | 3 Reasons why it’s important to collect and treasure

I’m not sure if you or the rest of your Marketing/Internet Sales teams are aware that we need an Opt-In to advertise/market to our customers. A Compliant Checkbox at the end of a form that says that the person providing their details is permitting you to use their information as stated in the checkbox description.

This is a huge subject, and different by country carrying different weight and penalties. I merely want to touch 3 important non-legal reasons why we should collect them.

#1. Trust

As mentioned in previous videos, a vehicle is typically a person’s or families 2nd large purchase after a home. Trust is always important when providing one’s contact details. Most of us think twice about entering our contact details. Am I going to get spammed, going to get barraged with irrelevant information or are my contact details going to get sold to a 3rd party? Having an Opt-In checkbox and living by your terms are extremely important in gaining and maintaining trust with your prospects and customers.

#2. Long Term (Implied Consent only takes you so far)

So, if you’re like most marketers, you’ll have your year planned out, by Quarter, Season, Week, Department etc… The whole year is planned out with your dealers original content as well your OEM’s content. You’re grateful you have a large contact database but imagine if you could only reach out to a part of that list? Implied Consent (Not Full Opt-In) will take you up to 24 months from your customers original business transaction. Hard selling a new vehicle to someone that just purchased 3 months ago… What’s your strategy for that? 

#3. It’s the Law

Let’s face it. It’s the law. We need to follow it to the letter. The fines and penalties are brutal, especially to our cousins in the south. It’s not worth the risk to send comms to those outside of your implied consent timeline or without an official Opt-In.

If you have questions or concerns, we’re always available to assist and build strategies.

We’ve been in this space for over 9years across 15 countries and comply to all associated laws.

Our platform manages most of this for you anyways.

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