Taarga is Rebranding

Today we're announcing that Taarga is now rebranding to Mamoth-Auto.

The past 9 years has been a wild ride.

I just want to take a minute to thank so many people for our continued growth and success.  It’s amazing to think that our platform has grown to support 15 Countries, 5 languages, over 20 Million Users and over 250K booked appointments.

We always believed that quickly and easily booking appointments was key to all dealers’ sales success, regardless of their geographic locations.

Our Platform originally started with only SMS campaigns, then we shortly added Email and Voice as well. Throughout the years, we built the following for our partners and dealers:

  • SMS Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Voice Campaigns
  • Text Enabling Landlines
  • Canada Black Book
  • Smart Conquest Mailings
  • National OEM Conquest Frameworks
  • Multi-Channel Hosted Chat
  • Dealer Data Scrubbing
  • Call-Centre Platform
  • Dedicated Call Tracking
  • Inbound Lead Generation Solution (In-Out Store)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Intelligent Print Advertising
  • Microsites and Landing Pages
  • Interactive Video
  • CRM Integrations

We’re extremely proud of the platform and relationships we’ve built throughout the years, but now is the next chapter. It’s time for our own new Paint Job.

TAARGA is rebranding into Mamoth-Auto. 

We’re not just a communication and appointment booking platform anymore. Based on working and listening to all our dealers, partners and even the car buyers, we’ve designed Our Sales Framework specifically for the Automotive industry.

3 Forces of Automotive Sales

Check out Mamoth-Auto.com for more info. We’re constantly sharing new techniques, strategies and tools for you and your teams to navigate through these ever changing economic climates.

If you and your team are looking to help close a few more deals this month, we’ve compiled 6 quick tactics to pull this off.

Many thanks,

Eric (Fritz) Nykamp

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