We’re making an Acquisition

Things are moving quickly here at Mamoth-Auto.

Ever since we rebranded from Taarga and began teaching our framework to dealerships, we also began planning for the future.

We love working directly with you, the dealer, but partnerships are also extremely important for our growth strategy. If we can leverage Talent, Tools and Experience from strategic partners with expertise in these areas, it will help us all grow in the right direction.

Let’s just add that a mechanic is only as good as his Tools and Experience. In our field, we want to be like awesome mechanics!

On the topic of partnerships, we’ve acquired a niche marketing company called Switch Media. They focus on the Quebec (French) Market and have done much with Micro and Landing Pages for their dealers’ events. Segmented emails have also been a source of their success.

We’ll be absorbing these skill sets, tools and customers into the Mamoth-Auto family.

If you and your team are looking to help close a few more deals this month, we’ve compiled 6 quick tactics to pull this off.

Check out this 20 minute shortcut at http://go.mamoth-auto.com/close-5-cars-now .

Many thanks,

Eric (Fritz) Nykamp

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