3 steps to maximize an effective automotive email campaign.

Contrary to what most people believe, bigger lists will not always yield the best results.

After 10 years of running dealer email campaigns across 15 countries, here is what we learned:

  1. Not bigger lists, but better quality of list
  2. Your message, text, goal needs to be on point. More doesn’t always produce better results, but usually more confusion. Links pointing to off-topic pages will kill the purpose of the email because your audience will usually never come back. Ie… schedule an appointment, test drive or request a quote
  3. Visuals are key. Cleaner is usually better. Again, more is never better. Logo, 1-2 product images for your intended market is all you need

Companies like Mailchimp or Hubspot try to get their customers to pay attention to their lists and not to simply blast everyone.

Bonus: Never forget your Call to Action or CTA – Button or link to go to the page you intended for them to go to like a landing page for them to register

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