About Us

Since 2011 we’ve been helping over 2500 dealerships across 15 countries. Our goal is to [em]power you to sell more vehicles.
We have templated solutions that we want to implement for you. Our goal is to instill a system for you to generate ongoing predictable sales.

I was asked Who We Are... Here's Our Answer!

  • We’re the ones that grind behind the scenes
  • We do not wear fancy suits to impress
  • We work long hours to accommodate our customers time zones
  • We know each dealer is different with unique requirements and goals
  • We offer custom and packaged solutions
  • We don’t have middleman, so our price is ours
  • We were the ones that grew up setting up everyone’s VCR Clocks and Digital Watches
  • When you have a problem with your computer or network, you call us
  • When you need 5 more sales to hit your monthly target, we get the call
  • Our team is spread across Canada so we can support you
  • We work and travel to make sure we understand all markets and trends
  • We read books and articles to be on top
  • We’re geeks, artists, photographers, videographers, marketers, writers and sales people
  • Some of us are Older some of us are Younger
  • We speak and write multiple languages
  • We buy and drive our own cars and trucks
  • We listen twice then speak once
  • We solve problems and create solutions, sometimes at the same time
  • We design the future while respecting and being inspired by the past
  • We build and create our own technology while providing hands on service because most of our customers are too busy
  • We get things done, on time with Results!
Our Mission

To Build Multi Purchase Relationships by leveraging Data, earning Trust, and increasing Sales for the Automotive Community

Our Vision

To Constantly Develop New Technologies and Systems that [Em]Power the Automotive Community for Ongoing Predictable SALES

Our Values
  • Outdo all campaign expectations
  • Personalization is more then just Data
  • Serve the Automotive Community
  • Trust is Earned
  • Develop the Future

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Since 2011 we've been scaling our partners/customers sales growth

Dealership Sales and Service departments & specifically GSM, Internet Sales and Service Managers.

We started developing in 2010 and launched version 1.0 in 2011.

To Help You. The Automotive Community build predictable sales through long lasting relationships.

We operate in 15 countries including CA, US, UK, FR, AU, and other EU countries.

We help dealers find new, manage existing and revive lost customers.

Text ‘Intro’ to 844-697-2497